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Like many popular authors, Johns' work was published in many languages. According to some sources, his books have been published in as many as 26 languages. Having said that - I now have a title in Estonian - so presumably that number should be 27!

LanguageNotesNo of Titles
DutchThree titles as part of the Pyramide series Published under JC and Norman Deane 4
EstonianHang the Little Man published in the 1990s 1
FrenchMany Titles including Inspector West, Baron, Michael Halliday, Jeremy York59
GermanMany Titles - Baron, Inspector West, Gideon, Gordon Ashe, Michael Halliday, Peter Manton. At least eight of the Westerns are available in German - under pseudonyms Tex Riley and William K Reilly 48
GreekStrange mix of titles, published as by John Creasey 5
ItalianMany Titles - Gideon, Gordon Ashe, Michael Halliday
NorwegianBaron, Inspector West, Gideon 10
PortugueseInspector West, Gordon Ashe - found in South America! 5
RussianInspector West 1
SpanishOne title so far - Toff and the Lady 19
SwedishToff, Inspector West, Gideon 5

These, along with English leave us with approximately 15 more languages to find. Any information greatly appreciated.

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