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John Creasey also published several non-fiction titles - one of which is Action Stations!


This book was published in 1942 and is a small approx A5 sized pamphlet of 32 pages or so - and was written as part of the war effort in an drive to raise funds for replacement battleships.


Despite the fragile nature of the publication and it's date of issue - quite a few copies survive - and it is as not as rare as one would think.


I had long known that there are two different editions of the pamphlet - the content is pretty much the same - but the order of some of the pictures inside are reversed.  I long thought that it would never be possible to determine which was the original version.


However.... I was recently contacted by a reader of this site - who had been left a copy of the pamphlet - and more importantly some associated ephemera.  Part of this is a newspaper cutting, from John Creasey, which requests readers to send in any information they have about HMS Dorsetshire.  



Sadly the cutting is undated - and there is no indication as to which paper the cutting is from.

Also included were two letters from John Creasey thanking the sender for some information.


On close examination - the pamphlet included is a third version.  Given that this version was sent by John in February 1943 - we can presume that this version (the one on the left)) is infact the original version..... 




I guess we will never know for certain - but this is a pretty good indicator.


Several years ago I was asked exactly which Creasey titles I collected - and I realised that surprisingly - I did not have a clear idea.


When I started - it was simply a case of buying paperbacks in charity shops as an when I saw them.  Over the years this quickly grew to collecting the pseudonymous works.  Initailly this concentrated on the crime/detective fiction genre, but as I saw copies of other Creasey books I bought them.  

Like many - once the easy titles were acquired - I started to use visit book shops and webstes to track down missing titles.  It was during this phase that I started to collect other associated books - ie the John Creasey Mystery Magazine and Jay suspense titles.

Ultimately, my goal morphed to getting a copy of all Creasey hardback fiction - this (I think), I achieved a couple of years ago, the last title (a Manton) I managed to find by pure chance!

I do have quite a collection of the other titles - including the non-fiction and the westerns, and will still buy if I see, but I know I wil never get a copy of all titles on the database - many of the copies are just too scarce.


But I suggest you stop and think exactly what it is that you are after collecting!



So after a long time of this site being pretty much dormant (although emails were monitored) I have finally bitten the bullet and got the website redesigned - and hopefully not it will be more regularly updated.


It's good to see that already I have had a few people contact me via the contact me button.


Launch of the diary section.
Jays page updated - now correctly displays image and details for the first 5 number jays books - more to follow. The 'master title list' pages will be updated to this format in the near future
Various other changes - to standardise look and feel across the site.
Basic information filled in on the Mystery Magazine page.


Confirmation that some of the Toff books are to be republished

As you may know, Richard Creasey (the copyright holder) has long been trying to get Johns' books republished. I can announce that 'Tethered Camel Publishing' ( is to shortly re-publish several of the Toff books. The provisional list of books to be published is:-

· The Toff and the Lady

· Accuse the Toff

· Kill the Toff

· The Toff at the Fair

· The Toff and the Curate

· The Toff in New York

· A Bundle for the Toff

It is also hoped that 'Introducing the Toff' will also be published at the same time.

Once these have been published, and depending upon sales, further books in the Toff and Palfrey series will follow on.

If there any particular title in either of these series that you would like to see published, please drop either myself or the publisher details.

Further details will be announced once they are known.

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