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Short Stories

John Creasey also wrote many short stories. These stories appeared in a range of magazines in the fifties and sixties. The magazine most commonly found is Ellery Queens, with at least 15 stories published. Other magazines include The Saint and Mike Shayne. Most of these stories are Gideon stories, published as JJ Marric, though, some, such as 'Hair of his Head' is published by John Creasey. There is no information available of what has been published, and collating such information will always be difficult. for example:-
In the 'The Children's Golden Treasure Book' published by Odhams in 1938, there is a short story 'Peters First Flight', by John Creasy (note the missing E). I assume this is the same person. I am in the process of trying to compile a complete list of all short stories, all information greatly appreciated.

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