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The Creasey Mystery Magazines

This magazine was published from August 1956 to April 1965. Various sources indicate a different number of issues - approximately 89 are thought to have been issued. Most issues were released on a monthly basis, however it did change to a quarterly issue in 1963/4.

Typically, each issue would contain either a short story by John Creasey, or a serialisation of one of his new books. In each issue, there is usually a section of 'John Creasey looks at new books', which is a review of up-coming fiction - often by first-time writers. Each issue would contain a foreword by John Creasey.




Throughout its life, this magazine was known variously as 'The Creasey Mystery Magazine' and 'The John Creasey Mystery Magazine'.


The first issues (up to August 1957) were published by Dalrow Publishing, Bolton, after that they were self-published by Creasey Mystery Magazine, London.

Cover Designs:

Throughout the life of the magazine, many different sizes and cover designs were used.  Most of the covers are readily identifiable with bright plain covers with a black image (or text) superimposed on them.  Each month the same image would be used but the cover would be in a different colour, typically a bright one.  Approximately ten of the early issues had individually designed covers - being in the form of artwork.










Aug 56-Aug 58

November 1956 seems to be missing



Sep 58 - July 59

No edition published Aug/Sept



Oct 59 - Sep 60




Oct 60 - Sep 61




Oct 61 - Sep 62




Oct 62 - Dec 62

Volume VI thought to have only been 3 issues



Apr 63 - Dec 64

Issues April, July, September, December



Mar 64 - Apr 65

Monthly - but last issue was quarterly

Information obtained from fellow collectors and Cook's Monthly Murders.


At least one issue was published in the USA. This issue is March 1958 - and is numbered (Volume 1 no 15). However, the content of the US version is completely different from the content of the UK issue for March 1958 (1-19)! In fact the magazine (cover and content) is exactly the same as the UK issue November 1957 (Still numbered 1-15).

The only noticeable differences being the wording 35 cents in the U.S.A. on the cover and a stamp on the contents page reading 'Application for second class mail privileges is pending at New York, N.Y.) It is not know if any other issues were available in the USA. When time allows, I will publish full contents for each issue where known. If you can supply any information, please let me know.

The New Strand Magazine

This magazine was a short lived rebirth of the Strand magazine. John Creasey was listed as joint proprietor along with Ernest Kay. Each issue contained either a short story, or an instalment of a full length novel by John. The first issue starts with a letters page contributed to by (amongst others) P.G. Wodehouse, Dennis Wheatley & Phyllis Bentley. With such great contributors - it should have gone far - but sadly, after a mere 15 issues, it closed and ceased publication. The format was very similar to the mystery magazine.


Issue Date Creasey Content
1/1 December 1961 Gideon and the Caraway Case (1)
1/2 January 1962 Gideon and the Caraway Case (2)
1/3 February 1962 The Assassin
1/4 March 1962 Crooks Harvest
1/5 April 1962 Soho With Love
1/6 May 1962 State Visit (1)
1/7 June 1962 State Visit (2)
1/8 July 1962 The Terror (1)
1/9 August 1962 The Terror (2)
1/10 September 1962 The Terror (3)
1/11 October 1962 The Terror (4)
1/12 November 1962 The Terror (5)
1/13 December 1962 Gideons' Ride (1)
2/1 January 1963 Gideons' Ride (2)
2/2 February 1963 Gideons' Ride (3)

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