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Foreign Titles

Like many popular authors, Johns' work was published in many languages. According to some sources, his books have been published in as many as 26 languages. Having said that - I now have a title in Estonian - so presumably that number should be 27!



No of Titles

Danish  Gideon 
Dutch  Three titles as part of the Pyramide series Published under JC and Norman Deane 
Estonian  Hang the Little Man published in the 1990s 
French  Many Titles including Inspector West, Baron, Michael Halliday, Jeremy York  59 
German  Many Titles - Baron, Inspector West, Gideon, Gordon Ashe, Michael Halliday, Peter Manton. At least eight of the Westerns are available in German - under pseudonyms Tex Riley and William K Reilly  48 
Greek  Strange mix of titles, published as by John Creasey 
Italian  Many Titles - Gideon, Gordon Ashe, Michael Halliday  25 
Norwegian  Baron, Inspector West, Gideon  10 
Portuguese  Inspector West, Gordon Ashe - found in South America! 
Russian  Inspector West 
Spanish  One title so far - Toff and the Lady  19 
Swedish  Toff, Inspector West, Gideon 


 These, along with English leave us with approximately 15 more languages to find. Any information greatly appreciated.

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